11 Best Archery Gift Ideas – Beginner Guide

If you’re on this page – it means that you have an archer in your life. I know that archery equipment can be very confusing. So, to ensure that you get the best archery gift for your loved one, I made a solid list of preferred archery equipment.

I’ll recommend some archery gifts to you that I’d personally like to get.

Check out my list below for gift ideas in a variety of price ranges.

1- Bowfishing Accessory Packages

AMS bowfishing kit

Most bowhunters extend the hunting season through the summer by going bowfishing, which just happens to be an excellent activity for new archers and groups of friends.

There is also an environmental side benefit to bowfishing: It creates healthier lakes because it reduces the number of rough fish such as common carp, buffalo, and gar.

But most people do it because it is really entertaining. You get in a lot of shooting. If you think this might work well for the archer in your life, then the bowfishing kits will be a welcome gift for them.

Bowfishing packages contain everything you need to convert your bow into a bowfishing rig, and you can save money by buying everything together.

Just don’t forget to check your state’s bowfishing regulations through it's fish and wildlife agency.

2- Arrows

best arrows on market

Archers always need new arrows. Always.

I know it’s not easy to choose one. There are different types of bows, and there’s not a lot of information on the internet about how to select the right arrow.

If you’re going to buy someone new arrows, there are factors to be considered, such as draw length, arrow length, and arrow weight.

I imagine you have NO IDEA about these factors -  so you can always take a picture of the bow that you’ll buy arrows for and take it to the archery shop to find the right arrow.

I recommend carbon arrows as a gift for bowhunters since they are lighter and typically last for several seasons. The arrows in the link below will work great for casual indoor/outdoor practice.

If your archer is a beginner, then I recommend fiberglass arrows since they are perfect for recurve bows. They will get the job done for practice.

If you still feel like you need more information on how to select arrows, you can get a more in-depth understanding by reading my detailed article about arrow types.

3- Best Archery Gift  for Experienced one: Binoculars and Rangefinders

rangefinder archery gift

Binoculars are a great archery present for any bowhunter. They need to know the exact distance to a target and how far off their shots are landing.

There is a product in your price range that can definitely offer the archer in your life advantage in the woods.

If you’re looking for a simple rangefinder that you only point, push a button and read the range – go with the Nikon’s Arrow ID 3000 Rangefinder. . I like it because it is very user-friendly. It is also straightforward to set up with clear directions.

Are you hooked yet? If not, you can check high-quality Vortex & Leupold rangefinders.

4- Lessons in Archery

This one is for your kid. If you have a child that wants to get into archery, then archery lessons can be a great gift.

It may seem dangerous at first, but archery is actually one of the safest sports there is. It is fun and perfect for spending valuable time with your kids.

If you want to move on to the next step: The first thing they’ll want to get their hands on the bow. But - if you get too technical, the interest could be lost. So make it easy and straightforward – here is a great bow that can spark young archers’ interest:

5- Arrow Quiver

trophy ridge quiver as an archery gift

Quivers hold arrows, and they are an essential piece of gear. They come in 3 types: side, back, and bow quivers. Trying to choose the right quiver can be as tricky as choosing the right bow. There are lots and lots of options available.

Don’t freak out – I am here to give you the best advice possible.

First, look at your archer’s bow’s color scheme. Think about what style or color your archer would like best. A traditionalist, for example, might want a leatherback quiver.

If the archery lover in your life is a bowhunter, the one below would be a great partner on the hunt:

Extra tip: A new arrow quiver can also be the ultimate archery gift for your archery coach.

6- Bow Case

The way you carry a bow will definitely affect your bow’s life and there are various ways to carry a bow.

Here, I’ll recommend a case because I know you’ll need both of your hands available while out in nature. If your archer is so rigorous about his/her stuff, they will probably want a case that will keep the bow safe.

7- 3D Archery Target

This might be the best gift for bowhunters because one of the best ways to practice for them is with a 3D target.

It will definitely improve the hunting skills by simulating shots on an animal from any distance and angle. 3D archery targets are expensive, so please make sure that you get a target with the highest quality.

BONUS - If you’re looking for an archery gift under 30$:

8- Paper Target

archery gift

This is one of the most-used objects in archery, and targets have to be switched after a few seasons. If your archer is not practicing with hunting broadheads (these will require foam targets), you can simply buy a paper target as a gift.

The most common paper target is the iconic bulls-eye, and they are perfect for practicing.

9- Arm Guard

bear arm guard as an archery gift

I highly suggest that your archer wears an arm guard for safety purposes. The arm guard protects the inside of the forearm from an injury. Most archers prefer leather (like I always do) when it comes to arm guards because it is highly durable.

If you also want your archer to look good (I personally think that leather arm guards have more of a classic appeal), you can go with The Bear Archery Arm Guard. It has two layers of leather for added protection, and it is perfect for both left and right-handed archers.

10- Archery Gloves

leater glove archery gift

Archery gloves are pieces of equipment that will help bowhunters to protect their fingers from damage. 

The gloves are also an item that needs to be replaced after some time.

The best thing about archery gloves is that they are never expensive, and you can show your concern by giving a glove to your archer. Find the #1 best selling archery glove here.

11- Bow Hangers / Holders

archery gift bow hanger

This is a must-have in the treestand. It will make your archer’s bow and gear within arm’s reach at all times. It is sturdy, durable, and easy to install. 

Trust me; your archer will love the functionality of it.

Hopefully, these ideas will help you, but if you still cannot decide, an archery gift card would always work, too. 

In the end, your archer will know what’s best for her/him.

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