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The Best Arrow Insert Glue: Used by Majority

Regardless of whether you're a target archer or a bowhunter, the right arrow-insert glue will significantly impact the success of your shots and the lifespan of your arrows. With many different types of adhesives available on the market, it is crucial to identify the best arrow insert glue that suits your personal needs.

In this detailed post, I aim to provide you with the ultimate guide on this subject, allowing you to make an informed choice by comparing all the variables in detail.

different types of arrow insert glues

Quick Answer – What is the best arrow insert glue?

For more information, Let’s dive right in…

Key characteristics to consider in arrow insert glues

best arrow insert glue

In essence, there are certain features we expect from the best arrow insert glue. While the priority of these features may vary from person to person, the qualities that need to be taken into consideration are as follows.

Durability: At the end of the process, arrow insert glue enhances the overall durability of the arrow by providing a stable connection.

Secure Attachment: Arrow insert glues should create a strong bond that withstands high forces and tensions without allowing even the slightest loosening.

Vibration Dampening: High-quality arrow insert glues are also about absorbing vibrations and making your shots smoother and quieter.

Compatibility: They are crafted to get along with different kinds of arrow materials, such as carbon, aluminum, or wood, ensuring that the adhesive works effectively without causing damage to the components (for details see below sections).

Environmental Resistance: Some of them are designed to resist environmental factors like temperature and humidity, ensuring the bond remains strong in outdoor conditions.

Drying and Curing Time: Different glues (especially different types of glues such as epoxy and hot melt) have varying drying and curing times. Solvent-based super glues ensure a much quicker and complete bonding, whereas the curing times for adhesives like epoxy can take up to a full day under optimal conditions, and for some, it might extend to weeks.

Viscosity: The viscosity of the glue refers to its thickness and flowability. Low-viscosity glues can penetrate tight spaces better.

Ease of Application: One of the simplest methods for attaching arrow inserts is to use super glue. Compared to hot melt, which requires additional equipment and must be applied within the correct temperature range, or epoxy, which demands precise pre-mixing, super glue is definitely easier to use.

Gap-Filling Properties: If there are slight size variations or irregularities between the arrow insert and shaft, a glue with good gap-filling properties may be beneficial.

Weight: The adhesive, even if in small amounts, will add some weight to the arrow. While this added weight may be overlooked by some archers, if you are sensitive to this aspect, prioritizing an adhesive with a lower density might be a sensible choice.

Reversibility: If you anticipate the need for removal or replacement, it would be wise to opt for an adhesive that is suitable for such purposes. Typically, epoxy adhesives tend to be the most stubborn in this regard.

Safety: A solid connection between the arrow shaft and insert is essential for safety. Picking the right glue reduces the chances of cheesy surprises.

Types of Arrow Insert Glues

Choosing a compatible arrow insert glue impacts the effectiveness and reliability of your arrows, contributing to a better overall shooting experience.

In general, three different types of adhesives are commonly used for attaching arrow inserts.

Epoxy Resin

Epoxy is a versatile adhesive material formed by mixing resin and hardener. When combined, they undergo a chemical reaction that results in a durable, strong, and rigid substance widely used in archery for bonding applications.

Under normal conditions, epoxy is a complex process that involves mixing in a specific ratio and requires a long curing time. While there are simple solutions in the market to streamline this process, it's a fact that some brands, in their pursuit of ease with 1:1 formulations, may compromise the strength of the bonding connection.


  • Epoxy bonds are resistant to impact, vibration, and temperature changes. It makes them suitable for shooting in varying weather conditions.
  • Epoxy resin is known for its exceptional bonding strength. It forms a durable and resilient bond between the arrow insert and the shaft, providing excellent structural integrity.
  • They are suitable for various arrow materials.
  • Can fill small gaps and irregularities, especially when dealing with inserts and arrow shafts of slightly different sizes.
  • It also often has low shrinkage during the curing process. This property ensures that the bond formed between the arrow components is tight and minimizes any potential gaps or weaknesses in the adhesive.
  • Resistant to chemicals and moisture, protecting the bond from environmental factors that could weaken it. It allows to use of arrows in various weather conditions.
  • Unlike some fast-setting adhesives, epoxy resin typically has a longer working time, allowing you more time to position the arrow insert correctly before the glue begins to set.


  • Longer curing time compared to cyanoacrylate.
  • It’s more difficult to remove from the shaft than CA.
  • They usually come in two parts (resin and hardener) that need to be mixed before application. You must follow the manufacturer's instructions for the correct mixing ratio. Yet, some of the solutions provide archers with a user-friendly adhesive for attaching arrow inserts. Today’s many epoxy formulations come with straightforward application processes.

Best Arrow Insert Glue for Carbon Arrows

When choosing the arrow insert glue according to the shaft materials, epoxy resin takes the lead, especially for materials other than wood. Considering the widespread use of epoxy in hardening various carbon fiber engineering materials, it becomes particularly noteworthy in the bonding process of carbon arrows due to its overall strength, durability, and compatibility.

Cyanoacrylate (CA)

best arrow fletching glue

Cyanoacrylate, commonly known as Super Glue, is a popular choice as an arrow insert glue due to its specific characteristics that make it suitable for this application.


  • The key advantage of Cyanoacrylate glue is its fast bonding capability. It forms a strong bond within seconds to minutes.
  • Simple application process.
  • Works well with various arrow materials.
  • CA types of glues appropriate for fast field repair.
  • Cyanoacrylate glues offer a wide range of viscosities (thickness).
  • Generally do not expand significantly as they cure.


  • Some formulations may be brittle (we want the glue to be as flexible as possible).
  • May not fill gaps as effectively as epoxy.
  • CA glues are more susceptible to various things such as heat changes, and humidity.

Pro Tip!

Cyanoacrylate glues have a more brittle nature, and they can be softened or dissolved with the application of certain solvents, such as acetone. Epoxy, on the other hand, tends to form a stronger and more resilient bond, making it more challenging to remove. If you intend for future removal or adjustments, choosing a cyanoacrylate adhesive might be a more practical option.


CA glues are the ones that have the fastest curing time. But remember, the faster the glue dries, the more brittle it is.

Hot Melt Adhesives

best arrow insert glue is hot melt

Hot melt is a type of adhesive that comes in solid form and is melted to a liquid state for application. It quickly solidifies upon cooling, creating a strong bond, making it commonly used in various archery bonding applications.


  • Solidifies quickly, providing a fast bond. Sets within minutes.
  • Convenient application.
  • Softens and can be reversed by reapplying heat.


  • May not be as strong as other glues.
  • Requires additional equipment to apply.
  • Can soften in high temperatures.
  • It may not have the same gap-filling properties as epoxy resin.

Comparison Table: Best Arrow Insert Glue



Hot Melt

CA (Cyanoacrylate)

Curing Time

Longer (hours)

Rapid (seconds to minutes

Fast (minutes)



Lower than the others

Moderate (some high-impact options)


Moderate (vibration absorption)


Low (more brittle)

Ease of Use

Requires mixing, dual syringes available

Easy (glue guns or a simple lighter commonly used)

Easiest (quick application

Temperature Sensitivity

Enter your text here...

Weak (Susceptible to heat. May be soften. Can become brittle in cold)

Moderate (Sensitive, may be less effective in extreme heat)

Environmental Stability

Stable across a range of conditions

Susceptible to temperature changes

Sensitive to temperature and humidity


Relatively more expensive


Affordable, various price ranges

Reversible Bond









Density 1.1 to 1.4 g/cm³

Lightweight – (Density 0.9 to 1.2 g/cm³)

Density 1.05 to 1.2 g/cm³

Best Brand in the Market


Always follow the manufacturer's guidelines and recommendations. While trying to find the best arrow insert glue you might miss the right choice of yours. Adhering to the suggested application methods and curing times will help ensure optimal performance.

For instance, you can review the images of the recommendations, along with their links below, which you can find by conducting a simple search on the pages of some shaft manufacturers.

Which glue should be used with easton arrows?

For details click Easton's website

Which glue should be used with gold tip arrows?

For details click Gold Tip's website.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Arrow Insert Glues

The most crucial factors to consider when trying to find the best arrow insert glue for your arrows are the arrow shaft and insert material, along with your shaft diameter.


Remember that the information I provided here is general guidance, and you should always refer to manufacturer specifications and technical data sheets for accurate details.

Type of Arrow and Insert Material

Wooden Arrows

best wooden arrow

Traditional wood glues, such as carpenter's glue, are often suitable for bonding wooden arrows and inserts.

Plus, wood is a relatively flexible material. So, the glue that will be used should allow for some degree of flexibility. PVA (Polyvinyl acetate) wood glues are known for their flexibility and are a common choice for wooden arrows.

Among the commonly used arrow glues, cyanoacrylate (super glue) is known to work well on wooden surfaces. Fletch-Tite Platinum, designed for both carbon and wooden surfaces, is especially worth considering.


Wood will absorb moisture, so choosing a glue that offers resistance to environmental factors is critical.

Aluminum Arrows and Inserts

Cyanoacrylate-based (CA) glues work well with aluminum. Most superglue adhesives claim high durability on metal surfaces.


Ensure the glue is compatible with the aluminum surface to prevent corrosion.

Carbon Arrows and Inserts

best carbon arrow

We are not as flexible as others in choosing adhesives for carbon arrows. They generally require special glue designed for carbon material. Due to its unique nature, opting for epoxy-based adhesives is much more suitable than general-purpose glues.

Hybrid or Composite Arrows

best arrow insert glue for composite arrows

Epoxy-based glues are commonly used for composite arrows due to their ability to bond well with various materials and offer a flexible yet durable bond.

Fiberglass Arrows

chosing an insert glue for fiberglass arrow

Fiberglass material is, in a sense, reinforced plastic. Therefore, among commonly used plastic surface adhesives, Super Glues can be considered more suitable for fiberglass.

Since fiberglass is a flexible material, it is advisable to choose an adhesive with high flexibility.

General Tip!

Before applying the glue to the entire arrow, conduct a small compatibility test in an inconspicuous area to ensure that the adhesive works well with the specific arrow material.

Brass and Steel Inserts

According to your priorities (curing time, strength, ease of use, etc.), it will be sufficient to proceed with an adhesive suitable for metal surfaces. My recommendation is to use hot melt or super glues, which are the perfect choice for brass and steel inserts.

Titanium Inserts

Most adhesives produced are multi-purpose. While there may not be a specifically manufactured adhesive for titanium arrow inserts on the market, generally, epoxies or superglues designed for metal surfaces will provide satisfactory results for titanium as well.

Arrow Shaft Diameter

For smaller-diameter arrow shafts, using low-viscosity, thin cyanoacrylate (super glue) is the best option. This ensures that the glue can penetrate tight spaces.

If there are slight variations in diameter or irregularities between the arrow insert and shaft, opt for a glue with good gap-filling properties, like certain epoxy resins.

Best Arrow Insert Glues on the Market

In this section, I have tried to provide as much detailed information as possible about adhesives commonly preferred by archers and bow-hunters in the market.

Except for adhesives developed by bow brands themselves, most adhesives are multipurpose, so I cannot claim to have examined their features solely based on archery performance expectations.

For your final choice, I recommend determining 2-3 critical features you've identified (such as material compatibility, ease of use, quick curing, etc.) according to your needs.


Before we choose the best arrow insert glue for you I want to draw attention to a specific issue: arrow cleanliness. Any kind of dirt, oil, grime, or dust inside the arrow shaft will significantly impair adhesion strength and diminish adhesive performance. Remember, properly cleaning the arrow is as crucial as choosing the best arrow insert glue.

Best Epoxy Resins

Gorilla Epoxy

one of the best arrow insert glue is Gorilla Epoxy
  • Incredibly strong and durable for household and automotive repairs alike.
  • Gorilla offers this product for outdoor use, unlike Gorilla super glue.
  • Application temperature (50° to 100° F), Service temperature (-10° to 180° F)
  • The easy-to-use syringe keeps the epoxy resin and hardener separate, so it is easy to dispense.
  • Withstands moderate exposure to water (but not recommended for continual water exposure).
  • The gap-filling formula easily bonds steel, aluminum, glass, wood, ceramic, tile, and most plastics.
  • Fills voids and bonds uneven and vertical surfaces.
  • It dries in an ideal, clear finish.
  • Solvent resistant once cured.
  • Separate barrels of epoxy resin and hardener keep epoxy from hardening, plus syringe dispenses evenly and includes a cap for multiple uses.
  • Offers plenty of repositioning time (5 minutes) for the perfect fit.
  • It needs to be cured for 30 minutes undisturbed (no weight or handling).
  • Final cure takes around 24 hours for load-bearing weight.
  • Shelf life is a maximum of 2 years.

For details: Gorilla Epoxy

AAE Epoxy

AAE Epoxy is one of the best epoxy for arrow inserts
  • Spesifically desgined for arrow inserts.
  • Special formula retains elasticity, yet holds like iron.
  • Perfect result with aluminum and carbon arrows.It can work on wood as well. But it’s not possible to remove it without breaking the wood.
  • Easy to use.
  • Fully cured time is 24 hours.

For details: AAE Epoxy

Bob Smith Industries BSI-205 Clear Slow-Cure Epoxy 

BSI-205 Epoxy is the most powerful epoxy of the brand
  • Bonded objects can be handled after 8 hours and the cured epoxy reaches full strength within 24 hours.
  • Highest strenght of the Bob Smith epoxies. Plus, it maintains it’s strength in both the lowest and highest temperature ranges of the brand line of epoxies.
  • The bond is waterproof heat resistant and suitable for outdoor applications.
  • Should be applied in temperatures above 70°F. Below that, it takes longer to cure (if it’s too cold, it might not never fully cure).
  • Full cure in 6-8 hours (but it forms superior bonds if wait overnight).
  • The gap-filling formula easily bonds glass, metal, White foam, wood, ceramic, and most plastics.
  • Gravity is 1.15/0.97 g/cm³(Hardener/Resin)

For details: BSI-205

Loctite Epoxy Five-Minute Instant

Loctite Epoxy is another good choice for arrow insert
  • Self-mixing nozzle conveniently and precisely dispenses and self-mixes two-part formula resin and hardener in equal amounts.
  • It can be used as a versatile gap filler, surface repairs and laminating.
  • Epoxies can also can be sanded and drilled.
  • Sets in just 5 minutes for quick repairs and reaches handling strength in 20 minutes. Full cure time is 24 hours.
  • Does not shrink and is resistant to humidity and water, most common solvents.
  • Can be used as an adhesive for a wide range of materials like metal, wood, ceramic, stone, glass, tile, most plastics or as a filler for gap filling, surface repairs and laminating.
  • Service Temperature in Long Term (Continuous) Exposure: -10°F (-23°C) to 120°F (49°C).
  • Shelf life is less than some other competitors. It’s 18 months from the date of manufacture (unopened).
  • 3211 psi maximum tensile shear strength in 24-hour cure.
  • Gravity is 1.10/1.04 g/cm³(Hardener/Resin)

For details: Loctite Epoxy

J-B Weld ClearWeld 5 Minute Epoxy

JB Weld ClearWeld Epoxy is the strongest one
  • Quick setting, multipurpose two part epoxy.
  • Has a 1:1 mixing ratio, sets in 5 minutes and cures in 1 hour. (If temperature is below 40ºF, then set time is longer.) – But give yourself 1-2 days for complete curing.
  • With a tensile strength of 3900 PSI, ClearWeld™ sets to a hard, permanent bond.
  • Can be used on Automotive, Brick, Creamic, Cloth, Carpet, Fiberglass, Glass, Plastic, Composite.
  • For best results use a detergent or degreaser to first clean the surface.
  • Re-sealable cap extends the product shelf life.
  • Density is 1.13 g/cm³

For details: J-B Weld ClearWeld

Best Cyanoacrylate Glues (Super Glues)

Gorilla Super Glue

gorilla is one of the top selling super glue
  • Compatible with a variety of different materials. One of the best all-purpose super glue.
  • Mostly used for home applications (indoor) but also performs well for archery. Gorilla Super Glue is always on the best arrow insert glue list for most of archers.
  • Specially formulated for impact resistance and for porous and vertical surfaces. On the other hand, the main weakness is its shear (lateral or side impact) strength.
  • Bonding time of 10 to 45 seconds without clamping (But my reccomenation is to wait at least a minute with clamp.) Remember, even if it's a super glue, the full bonding takes place over 24 hours according to the instructions.
  • Comes with an anti-clog cap that has a metal pin inside, which keeps glue from drying.
  • Service Temperature:-65° to 220° .F
  • Special formula prevents it from oozing out too quickly.
  • Ability to instantly bond parts and materials together (Be careful! Including fingers...)In normal use, mess-free packaging ensures your fingers won't get stuck.
  • The glue itself is not as thin as regular superglues, but not as quite as thick as gel-type superglues.
  • The bottle is thick plastic and is difficult to squeeze Sometimes you need your both hands to dispense it.
  • Gorilla Glue is not waterproof or water resistant.
  • Only 1 drop per sq. Inch recommended. There is a lot of glue in the bottle for the cost. After 30 minutes of drying time, you can shoot it.
  • Gravity 1.10 g/cm³

For details: Gorilla Super Glue

Loctite Super Glue Liquid Longneck Bottle

one of the best arrow insert glue brand is loctite
  • Well-known and trusted brand.
  • Offers a variety of cyanoacrylate (super glue) products suitable for arrow inserts (see other options).
  • Known for fast bonding and ease of use.
  • Some formulations may be brittle.
  • Works well on a variety of porous and non-porous surfaces and close fitting repairs. But limited gap-filling properties compared to epoxy.
  • Dries transparently.
  • Bonding Time is 15-30 seconds. Service temperature is up to 180°F (82°C).
  • Precision Tip for Controlled Application. Allows for a continuous flow or a precise drop of glue.
  • Extra Long Nozzle for Hard-to-Reach Places.
  • It has an easy-open cap with a metal pin that cleans and seals the nozzle for a clog-free performance.
  • It bonds a variety of materials including leather, ceramic, rubber, paper, metal, china, wood and most plastics.
  • Resistant to moisture, most chemicals and freezing temperatures.
  • Gravity 1.05 g/cm³

Bohning Insert Iron

archers choice as an insert glue is bohning insert iron
  • Specifically designed for inserts, and points.
  • It works on all shaft types (carbon, aluminum, fiberglass, and wood). But my recommendation is not using for the woods.
  • Especially aluminum and carbon arrows need to be thoroughly cleaned before applying.
  • It is NOT reversible.
  • Cure time is much longer than all super glues. It’s 48 hours (72 hours if air is dry).
  • Storing in the refrigerator is NOT recommended.
  • Max 1 year expiration on unopened bottles.
  • Expands more than the regular super glues. So use a tiny drop and spread evenly over the entire surface.
  • Density 1.1 g/cm³.

For details: Bohning Insert Iron

Bohning Platinum Fletch Tite

bohning glue
  • The biggest advantage is the flexible bonding feature (The archery industry’s most flexible one). It absorbs shock and does not become brittle after repeated target impacts.
  • Solvent-based glue designed for vanes, nocks, and securing the inserts.
  • It is not instant glue. It has a cure time, The recommended clamp time is 5 minutes, and the cure time is 24 hours (48 hours if the environment is humid).
  • Storeing Fletch-Tite Platinum in the refrigerator is NOT recommended.
  • Clean-up is so easy - excess glue can simply be scraped off with a fingernail.
  • Works on carbon, aluminum, wood, fiberglass, wraps and painted shafts.

Easton Dr. Dougs Quickbond 

Easton arrow insert glue
  • It is essentially impact resistant super glue.
  • Spesifically designed for arrow inserts.
  • Setup time is incredible. Bonds in seconds. But you need to be quick if you want to make a small adjustment.
  • For fully curing you’ll need 15-30 minutes. Then you’ll be ready.
  • Primer Pen compatible.
  • Works with all arrow types.
  • Great choice for quick field repairs.
  • The bonding is solid as a rock. Especially on carbon shafts.

Loctite Super Glue Ultra Gel Control

easiest to use arrow insert glue
  • No Drip or Run Gel Formula.
  • Really easy to use with its special squeezing design.
  • High water, impact, moisture, and temperature Resistant.
  • Most Durable Formula Loctite make.
  • Instant adhesive (15 to 30 seconds). It dries clear and sets without clamping. But fully curing time is 12 to 24 hours.
  • Not suitable for gap-filling applications.
  • Thanks to the special plastic container, you can use the entire tube without any adhesive being wasted at the bottom.
  • Gravity 1.05 g/cm³.

G5 G-Lock Blu-Glu Adhesive

g5 g lock blu fletching glue
  • G5 Blue-Glu provides a solid and flexible bond.
  • The application tip is mignt not so succesful than other competitors.
  • Ideal for installing inserts and fletching arrows.
  • Instant adhesion in seconds (ideally 5 min.). It dries incredibly fast. Yet, I recommend leaving them overnight (24 hours) to make sure they’re fully cured.
  • G-lock is a little thinner than most of the other glues. It dries clear and provides a clean arrow look.
  • One of the best arrow insert glue for price-performance ratio (Best selling with Gorilla Super Glue).
  • Known for broadheads and archery accessories.
  • Offers specialized glues for arrows.
  • Products designed to withstand hunting conditions.
  • May not have as extensive a product range as larger adhesive brands.

Gold Tip Grip Arrow Adhesive

most of the archers choice as a best arrow insert glue
  • Gold Trip Grip adhesive is waterproof.
  • Permenent and unreversible bond.
  • The company has a lot of experience in specialized fletching glue. But I must say that this glue is more successful as a fletching glue than insert glue.
  • This glue has been designed specifically to bond inserts to carbon.
  • It dries in seconds, and the result is a strong bond.
  • Great tip design to keeping the right amount of glue coming.
  • Much stronger than standard super glue.
  • Plastic tube is really thick. It might make it difficult to squeeze it when you run low on the glue.
  • To extend its usability, the general recommendation is to store it in the refrigerator.

Best Hot Melt Adhesives

Bohning 1309 Ferr-L-Tite

best hot melt brand in the market
  • Designed for points and inserts.
  • Elastic, and waterproof.
  • Recommended for wood and aluminum shafts. Not for carbon shafts.
  • Heat-reversible on aluminum shafts—high temperature required.
  • Melting point of 350º F (176.7º C ).
  • No expiration date.
  • Curing time: As soon as it has reached room temperature (approx. 5 minutes).

Bohning 1308 Ferry-L-Tite Cool Flex

best hot melt for arrow inserts
  • Designed for points, inserts and bushings. Definelty different than old school standart hot melt.
  • Elastic, and waterproof.
  • It’s really easy to use. You can melt it even with a candle.
  • Recommended for carbon, hybrid, aluminum and fiberglass shafts.
  • Fully cured when it reaches room temperature.
  • Use hot water for adjustment, replacement or removal.
  • Melting point of 280º F (137.8º C).
  • No expiration date.


best arrow insert glue as hot melt
  • Durable and impact resistant bond.
  • Low-temperature melting point.
  • It’s only for aluminum and hybrid (A/C) arrow shafts.
  • Easton does not recommend it with carbon arrows.Easton reccommends it using this for aluminum inserts.
  • Removable glue for the ability to customize your arrow build.


Easton's guide for arrow assembly gives details about how to properly use Easton hot melt for your arrows. 

how to use easton hot melt


The topic of insert glue is quite complex and the answer can vary based on different expectations. Additionally, the abundance of brands in the market can be confusing.

In summary, my advice is to determine your priorities and proceed with an option that is widely accepted and has been thoroughly examined. The choice you make in this way will more than adequately fulfill your needs.

Summary – What I have picked?

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