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8 Best Arrows on the Market – Which one to pick? (Nov-22)

There are so many different kinds of arrows on the market to choose from today. Before making your selection, the first thing you should consider is the type of archery you will be performing.

What will you be using the arrow for? Basic target practice? Or bowhunting? Or in competition?

best arrows on market

Quick Summary

We’re using the material of the shafts to categorize the arrows. So, in this review, you’ll find our top picks from carbon, aluminum, fiberglass and wooden arrows for both hunting and target archery purposes.

Additional information!

  • Carbon arrows are the most popular type of arrows in today’s Archery World.
  • Today’s best arrows claim that they have a max 0.005 inches straightness tolerances. That makes them more expensive.

Quick List of Best Arrows for Different Purposes

You’ll find in-depth information about these arrows later in this article. But here’s a list of the best ones we’ve picked for specific purposes.

What are the most important parameters for choosing an arrow?

Let’s review the parameters that affect the choice of an archer when buying an arrow. We’ll look into these items for every arrow on our ‘’best arrows’’ list.

  • Brand
  • Length
  • Weight
  • Material
  • Price
  • Speed
  • Spine value
  • Grains per inch
  • Accuracy
  • Straightness

We can extend the list. But these are the top parameters for choosing an arrow. None of the parameters except these will essentially change the performance.

Buying arrows online? I’ve been buying arrows online for years and never had any problems. However, before you buy it, just don’t forget to check the seller’s return policy. Since it isn’t a personal hygienic product; you’ll have a right to return within a certain time. If you don’t think this is a good choice for you, you can always return!

◊ I’ll give you some critical information about every best arrow we choose according to the market trends one by one. Even if these arrows are on our ‘’best arrows’’ list, I also share some warnings as buying advice and some cons about them.

Best Carbon Arrows

Carbon arrows are mainly used by hunters. They’re relatively more expensive than the other types of arrows. We’ve picked the best carbon arrows after long research.

Carbon Express Maxima Red

maxima express red arrow

Honestly, it’s a pretty awesome arrow. When you shoot a bow with this arrow, the bow creates an immense amount of energy. The bow shaft is a critical part to carry this energy through the target.

◊ You can find more detail information about arrow flight in our ‘’types of arrows’’ article.

In normal arrows, the spine value is the exact same from tip to tip. In this arrow, the red section does not just look good, it’s also another function. The entire middle section (red zone) is not as stiff as the rest of the arrow. The black part of the arrow is stiffer than the rest of them. A red portion contains all bending and other forces on it while the black portion which is carrying the arrow tip flexing little. Thus, arrow trajectory doesn’t lose its consistency.

  • Carbon Express Maxima Red is definitely not for newbies.
  • Black and red color scheme make it look more quality.
  • Good choice for big game.
  • Their straightness checked by laser and has 0.005 inches straightness tolerance.
  • 350 spine option put forth great performance with 60-70 lbs bows.
  • It’s really hard to find such an arrow with this balance. They’re consistent.
  • Since it’s an uncut shaft, it has 32 inches long from end of the insert to the end of the nock. You can take your shafts to the local archery shop to make a cut with using high-speed cutting Wheel.
  • It has been appreciated by the over 25-30 years experienced archers on the market with its incredible accuracy. These arrows will definitely help your shooting.
  • These shafts are made in Korea.
  • With Bull Dog Nock, they provide a safety shot. The arrow won’t cause damage on the shaft of the other arrows on the target. But it might tear up the vanes while slamming.
  • If you’re looking for the best arrow for hunting then there is no need to look further.

Here’s LARGE Warnings about these arrows!

  • I don’t want to mislead you. But this is just a reminder! Do not expect any vanes on it. You’re getting only the arrow shaft with nock and insert with Carbon Express Maxima Red.
  • In my opinion, it’s not worth it for its price, only if you’re not an advanced hunter.

Carbon Express Maxima Hunter

maxima carbon arrow
  • Carbon Express Maxima Hunter can be used with high poundage compound bows.
  • One of the fastest and accurate one.
  • Built-in weight forward lightweight design. Back weight is lighter than the front. It’ll increase accuracy and penetration.
  • Front two-thirds of the arrow shaft is tougher which makes it more durable and give stiffness.
  • They are made of 100% carbon.
  • A great solution for hunters, unnecessary for target archery.
  • It flies straight and wind cutting accuracy is incredible at ranges out to 50 yards and even longer.
  • It has two shaft sizes; 250 and 350 to cover every draw weight from 40 to 90 lbs bows.
  • Straightness tolerances are max 0.0025 inches.
  • Weight tolerance is max 1.0 grain.
  • Nock (Bull Dog Nock) diameter is larger than the shaft. That provides a safety shot. The arrow won’t cause damage to the other arrows on the target.
  • Carbon Express Maxima has proven to be great arrows with holding very tight tolerances than the other carbon arrows.
  • These hunting arrows are the best money can buy!


  • The timber illusion cover pattern makes it hard to find if the arrow lands somewhere else than the target.

Easton Full Metal Jacket

FMJ arrow

These arrows contain 2 main components. Carbon core; which provides strength and lightweight. As a cover, they use XX75 aluminum alloy; it’ll add kinetic energy. Full Metal Jacket is one of the best arrows Easton makes.

  • They provide a great speed without accuracy loses.
  • They are cool looking.
  • It has a small diameter but has a thicker carbon cover. The small diameter has some couple of advantages; it penetrates better. The arrow doesn’t have as much as resistance on impact. Because of the surface area is smaller than the larger diameter arrows of the same weight traveling at the same speed. The other advantage of the small diameter is being more predictable in a crosswind from the same reason.
  • Technology for these FMJ arrows is aluminum over carbon. You’re getting the resiliency and durability of the carbon core, while you’re getting the impact resistance, performance on the target and the ability to straighten from the aluminum.
  • Excellent penetration because of little air friction along the shaft. One of the most successful arrows on the market.
  • Shows great performance even in the adverse weather conditions like Alaska.
  • Weight tolerance is 2 grains.
  • If you’re looking for an arrow heavier than carbon, but more durable than aluminum, Easton Full Metal Jacket could be the best for you.
  • The spine of arrow options is 300, 340, 400 and 500. You can choose the correct spine value from product specs pages.
  • Straightness tolerance is 0.002. Incredible!
  • It’s a great choice for big game, but spending a few extra dollars for the Maxima Red might be a wise solution.


  • Some users have been faced with fletching break problem.
  • You’ll need to have these arrows cut to the correct length for you.

Tiger Archery 30 Inch Carbon Arrow 

tiger carbon arrow
  • Tiger Archery Carbon arrows are great for beginner archers who want to use affordable carbon arrows. They’re extremely sturdy.
  • Length of an arrow is 30 inches and the diameter is 0.3 inches.
  • Spine value is 500. However, they can be also useable like their spine is 600.
  • Tiger Archery Carbon Arrows are made for extended durability.
  • It has 2 black and 1 white fletching.
  • Appropriate for 40-60 lbs. bows.
  • Quality of the arrows is awesome. You can’t see any physical defects on it.
  • Tips are nickel plated steel. They’re good for target practice for indoor and outdoor. But you can remove it if you want to. These arrowheads are changeable.
  • Nocks are interchangeable. They’re are not fixed with glue.
  • Although they’re not as good as expensive American carbon arrows, They’re great for practicing and having fun with your family.
  • These arrows are definitely worth your money.


  • Even if the majority of carbon arrows are suitable for high poundage bows. This arrow is not appropriate for 70 lbs. or more.
  • They’re good for target archery. But for hunting purposes, I wouldn’t recommend it.
  • There is a possibility of losing a few arrow tips which got stuck inside targets. Gluing the metal inserts into the shafts might be a solution.
  • Extra glue on Fletching might be preventing peel-off chance.

Best Aluminum Arrows

Aluminum arrows are the most common arrow type. They’re lightweight and relatively cheap. Here’s the best ones we’ve picked among them.

Easton XX75 Jazz Aluminum

easton jazz aluminum arrow
  • Easton XX75 is one of the best arrows to start archery. They are good for 15-50 lbs. bows.
  • They seem cheaper than the other equivalent arrows but the quality is still pretty good.
  • Colorful fletchings certainly make them easy to find outside.
  • Brand reliability. Easton is producing the best arrows in archery World today.
  • Very durable for outdoor target archery. They don’t get any damage even you hit the wood frame.
  • Parabolic feathers provide extra stability.
  • It has 2% weight tolerance.
  • Their aerodynamic shaft design offers great air friction resistance.
  • From 26 to 32 inches length options
  • Straightness tolerances are max 0.005 inches
  • Screw-in Steel arrow tips and nocks. So, it makes them changeable.
  • Good choice for 15-50 lb bow weights. Great for light poundage bows.
  • It has basic vanes but works perfectly.
  • Accuracy of these arrows is even better than some carbon arrow models. They fly perfectly!
  • In its price range, Easton XX75 is one of the best options. This arrow is worth every cent you pay for it.

I’ve some warnings about Easton XX75 arrow as well.

  • If you use these arrows with heavy bows ( 55lbs or more poundage bows ), you can break the arrows. Or it might affect your accuracy.
  • Arrow tips are sharp. So it might not save for children although they claim that these arrows appropriate for 3 years old archers and up.
  • As arrows have an aluminum shaft, the first arrow on the target might be damaged by the second arrow you shoot.
  • Aluminum bends more easily than the general carbon arrows. So it might be a problem in time.

Best Fiberglass Arrows

They are the optimum solution to start archery. Fiberglass arrows are inexpensive and sturdy for a beginner archer. These are our top picks on the market.

32″ Archery Fiberglass Arrows

best fiberglass arrow on market today

Fiberglass material is widely used in target archery. They are also a great way to start archery as well.

Additional information! Fiberglass arrows are the heaviest arrow types. That makes them durable and cheap but also decrease accuracy and speed.

  • Shaft diameter is 6.2 mm, and length is 30 ¾ inches without nock and tip. Full arrow length is 32 inches.
  • The arrow is about 571 grain (37 gram)
  • 32″ Archery Fiberglass Arrows are a good choice to start archery.
  • Accuracy is really good.
  • Great performance with 35-49 lbs recurve bows.
  • Nock diameter is 6 mm. They can be rotated to make alignment between string and vane.
  • Speed of these arrows are more than expected from a fiberglass arrow
  • Screw-in type arrow tip. So, it’s easy to change it whenever you want.
  • Fletchings stay on the shaft after hundreds of shot.
  • In its the price range, it’s really hard to find a better option to practice.
  • These arrows are offered as an inexpensive way to load up your quiver.


  • It’s not recommended to use it with heavier than 55 lbs. bows.
  • It has a plastic nock. They’re a bit low quality. It’s easy to take off after your shot.

Best Wooden Arrows

These are the most basic type of arrows. Traditional archers have used wooden shafts for thousands of years. Here’s the our best wooden arrow picks.

Huntingdoor Feather Fletching Wooden Target Arrows

huntingdoor feather arrow

Huntingdoor Feather Arrows have an old school look. The wooden shaft is straight, high quality and sturdy. Besides these are handmade!

  • They’re fitted with 40-60 lbs. Bows. Shafts are 31 inches long with the tip and nock. If you’re a traditional archer and want to use wooden arrows for target use, these can be a great option.
  • Nicely made. They’ll feel very traditional in your hands.
  • The shaft is 31 inches long.
  • In its price, they are definitely successful. You’ll get what you pay for.


  • Tips are not interchangeable. They use one piece of a metal glued tip. Cutting the shaft might be a solution. But you’ll lose length.
  • These arrows come assembled. But they might need little fixing up like glued feathers again. Fletching came off easily.
  • Sometimes nocks fall off easily. Extra glue might solve this problem as well.
  • Shafts can be easily broken if you hit a tree or a wooden target frame.

Huntingdoor Bamboo Shaft Arrows

best wooden bamboo arrow
  • Huntingdoor Bamboo Arrows are great for 40-60 lbs. bows.
  • The shaft is made by bamboo and it has 31 inches long and 5/16 inch diameter.
  • Breaking problem widely observed in general wooden arrows. But Bamboo shaft is more durable and stable in flight.
  • Fletchings are made by turkey feathers.
  • A great option for traditional bows.


  • Fletchings glue quality is not so good. It might need fixing if they come off.
  • They’re relatively heavy arrows.


First, I reccomend you to know your archery type to define the right arrow material. Then you should consider your draw length. Lastly, if you determine your speed necessity, you can easily choose the best option for which arrow to buy.

Remember that all arrows do the same thing. There is no such thing like ’’finding the best arrow.’’ None of them will make you a legendary archer. I reccomend you to just consider the parameters we talked about and choose which one fits you the best.


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