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10 Best Fletching Glue: Used by 90% of Archers

Sometimes vanes rip off easily after fletching an arrow even if you think you did everything right. Every archer and bowhunter has been in this situation. The problem is using any old glue for fletching and not using the best fletching glue.

In fact, there are lots of great solutions for different purposes, such as for feathers, vanes, hunting, etc., of course, fletching an arrow.

best fletching glue

Before we start, let’s accept it, like so many other things in life, ‘’there is no perfect answer’’ as a perfect glue. Most of them are determined by personal preferences.

But in this article, I’ve reviewed the Top 10 Fletching Glue according to customer feedback and reviews.

Quick Answer – What is the Best Glue for Fletching Arrows?

For more information, Let’s dive right in…

Glue icon


Whether you’re a backyard target archer or a professional bowhunter, you have to re-fletch your arrows.

There are lots of different brands on the market. Choosing the ”best fletching glue” is important. Eventually, you’re going to piece together the arrow shaft and the wings.

The fletchings are so important to keep the bow’s front and back in right alignment.

fletching preparation
Image source: community.legendarywhitetails.com

Everyone wants it to fly straight and with max accuracy. But when it comes to glue, the most critical part of an arrow for its aerodynamic flight, they’re using any old glue they have on hand instead of the best glue for the job.

You can think it’s just glue. But fletching an arrow is different to patching up a broken plate. Eventually, some arrows can travel up to 300 fps (200mph). It has to maintain it’s sturdy position.

◊ There are not enough quality reviews about the ‘’best fletching glue.’’ There were LOTS of discussions on the forums. So, I’ve taken around 20 hours to review this scattered information and compile it into an objective review to present to you.

Fletching Glue Types

There are two different types of fletching glues, cyanoacrylate (CA for short) and solvent-based.

In solvent-based glues, the adhesive finds it’s way into the microscopic crevices in both shaft and vane. The bond has been made after the solvent has evaporated.


  • The bond will be more durable and less prone to failure against weather conditions.


  • Setup time is more than CA type of fletching glues.

In cyanoacrylate (CA), there is a resin that cures very quickly. With the hydroxyl ions in water, anionic polymerization process begins. CA molecules start linking up and form a plastic mesh. After that, the glue thickens and hardens.


  • CA types of fletching glues are set quickly and also appropriate for fast field repair.


  • CA glues are more susceptible to various things such as heat changes, humidity.
  • When re-flecting, it’s more difficult to remove from the shaft.
  • CA adhesives are more brittle.

◊ CA glues are more commonly used in archery, but there is no doubt that solvent is ‘’better’’ than cyanoacrylate. A solvent glue will last longer than a CA glue

Arrow Fletching Types

If you want to create a spin on arrow during its flight, you can add a small turn while fletching of an arrow. The spin makes a smooth flight because flying objects are more stable when they turn.

This is why space rockets always start to turn after take off.

shace rocket movement

On the other hand, an arrow with straight vanes flies faster because there isn’t as much as air resistance on the arrow’s back.

In short, there are 3 types of arrow fletching method. Straight, Offset, and Helical.

Straight fletchings

A straight fletching configuration means that the fletchings are aligned parallel to the arrow shaft, and this can provide a flatter trajectory and higher arrow speed. However, this configuration may not provide as much stability or accuracy as the other configurations.

These types of fletchings create the fastest arrows. But since there is no additional spin, it’s more appropriate for closer range shots for target archery. Besides, these arrows are more likely to affected by wind.

Offset fletchings

These vanes are straight on the shaft, but there is a small offset form back and front of the fletching. That will increase arrow stability, accuracy and also be very successful for long-range shots especially in windy conditions. On the other hand, when creating a spin movement, the arrow loses speed.

Offset fletchings are appropriate for lightweight/small diameter shafts.

Helical fletchings

The arrow stability is maximum in these types of fletchings. It provides the highest stability and accuracy due to the spin, but they lose arrow speed.

Another big disadvantage is the risk of contact arrow rest and the vane while shooting.

Helical fletchings are proper arrow fletching position for hunting purpose.

Right vs Left Helical Fletching

Regardless of whether you are right or left-handed, you can fletch your arrow both right or left helical fletching. Especially if you’re shooting from 10 to 60 yards, the difference is not noticeable.

How far from the Nock-end Should I Place My Fletchings?

The general preference is important here. But the optimal performance has been found by Easton. Placing the vane 1’’ from the nock end of the shaft is the perfect location.

Before gluing, make a reference mark on the clamp if it has no ruler on it.

How to Fletch an Arrow?

This is what you should do:

  • If you re-fletch an arrow, the first thing to do is scrape off dried glue on the shaft with a knife (not razor sharp). You have to be sure that you don’t any damage the shaft. Using acetone might also be another solution.
  • Put the shaft into the hot water and then dry it with a towel gently. There shouldn’t be any dried glue on it after that.
  • Clean the shaft with alcohol (91% isopropyl) or other cleaning methods that leave no residue. (Keep solvent away from the nock)
  • The general recommendation is to add glue on the vane approximately 50% of the base width.
  • Lastly, you can place the vane and the arrow shaft in a fletcher jig.

The 10 Best Fletching Glue

There are too many types of glues for different purposes on the market. Some of them are specifically designed for fletching, some of them are very successful on fletching while they designed for multi-purpose.

best arrow fletching glue

So I’ve reviewed the best 10 fletching glues on the market today and will try to present you with every essential feature.

Gorilla Super Glue 15 Gram

gorilla fletching glue

Ok, this is not a special glue for fletchings. But this is one of the best super glues. Just put 3 drops per inch on fletchings. It holds good enough.

  • Gorilla Glue is hard to beat. It can be also usable for plastic, metal, fabric, stone, ceramic, paper, rubber, shoes, glasses, or even jewelry.
  • This glue is always on the best fletching glue list for every archer.
  • It’s so durable against impact force.
  • Setup time is under a minute (usually 10-45 seconds).
  • This glue will form a permanent bond.
  • Gorilla Super Glue is not waterproof or water resistant.
  • You’ll never have a vane come off.
  • Service temperature is between -65° to 220° F.
  • There is a lot of glue in the bottle for the cost. It takes 4-5 minutes to set the vane before removing the clamp. After 30 minutes of drying time, you can shoot it.


  • Shake before use to prevent the glue run out excessively.
  • it doesn’t dry out after first use like the Loctite.
  • Store in a cool, dry location as high temperature and humidity can cause premature aging.
  • Not recommended for use on polyethylene or polypropylene plastic or similar materials.
  • There are some complaints about half of the pack is empty. But it should be. adhesive have to be protected from air. packaging in thick plastic bottles can provide this. If these bottles were completely full, it would be too hard to squeeze.
  • Even if the producer claims that adhesive is permanent, there are some complaints also it gets weaker after a couple of months.

G5 Outdoors G-Lock Blu Glue 20g

g5 g lock blu fletching glue
  • G5 Blue-Glu provides a solid and flexible bond.
  • Ideal for installing inserts and fletching arrows.
  • Instant adhesion in seconds. It dries incredibly fast. Yet, I recommend leaving them overnight to make sure they’re fully cured.
  • G-lock is a little thinner than most of the other glues. It dries clear and provides a clean arrow look.
  • The blue color makes it easy to see glue coverage.
  • Sets in 5 minutes, fully cured in 24 hours.
  • You won’t be able to remove them without a knife.
  • One of the best fletching glue for price-performance ratio.
  • Bottle of the glue reseals well. It doesn’t dry up between uses.
  • According to the tension test, while Gorilla super glue carries around 12 lbs, G5 G-lock holds up to 50 lbs.


  • The life of glue. Besides, it’s completely enough a 7-8 dozen of an arrow.
  • Be careful with your fingers as the G-lock does adhere to everything, including your skin.  
  • The glue will thicken over the years and becomes unusable.


It’s so durable and makes a perfect combination with Blazer vanes. I highly recommend using this glue with the Blazer vanes.

Saunders Arrow Mate N.P.V.

saunders npv fletching glue
  • Saunders Glue is a special glue for fletching an arrow.
  • Made in the USA.
  • Only takes a couple of minutes to set up. You can shoot it in 30 min. (but the bond is cured fully overnight).
  • A superb adhesive for bonding vanes, feathers or nocks to any type of arrow shafts like aluminum, carbon, wood or glass shafts.
  • NPV is really tough. You can’t just pull the vane off without tearing it.
  • It has a long shelf-life (if you don’t open it).
  • Fast-drying, crystal clear water/solvent resistant.
  • Strong, flexible bond.

◊ Perfect combination especially on, turkey feathers+aluminum shafts.


  • Just clean the shaft with paint thinner before re-fletch. After that, wipe it with alcohol.

Bob Smith Industries Maxi-Cure Extra Thick, 2 oz.

bob smith industies fletching glue

Bob Smith Industries (BSI) is one of the best glues you can find! This is an industrial Superglue and so strong. Lots of hunters are using it for fletching.

  • It sticks in 15 to 20 seconds.
  • BSI super glue is not only for vanes. But a great adhesive for bonding metal, wood, plastic, and fiberglass. But this glue provides a great bond for the vanes.
  • Add value to the customer for its price.
  • BSI Glue doesn’t lose volume while drying. Which means if you’re using a wide feather, it’ll fill all the small gaps between the feather base and the shaft. It’ll cure perfectly.
  • It has its max strength in 3 hours.


  • Bottles are too large and can end up throwing it away before the contents are used.

Pro Tip! CA glues with no additives shelf life is 2 years. With additives, life can be extended 1 year if you can keep in a moisture-free environment. The refrigerator might be a good solution.

With the BSI accelerator, the result is even better. It can be used with also other super glues. Accelerator activates CA in the glue within 6-8 seconds.

Gold Tip Grip Arrow Adhesive (10 Grams)

gold grip glue
  • Gold Trip Grip adhesive is waterproof.
  • The company has a lot of experience for specialized fletching glue.
  • You can easily use a bottle to fletch more than 6-7 dozen of an arrow.
  • This glue has been designed specifically to bond inserts to carbon, but it also works great for fletching an arrow.
  • It dries in seconds, and the result is a strong bond.
  • Great tip design to keeping the right amount of glue coming.
  • Much stronger than standard super glue.


  • It dries in seconds. So, you have to move quickly while fletching an arrow.
  • You might throw it away if you open a big hole for the tube.
  • The density of the plastic tube is a little high. It might make it difficult to squeeze it when you run low on the glue.

Arizona Archery Enterprises AAE .7oz Bottle Max Bond Glue (20g)

aae fletching

AAE fletching glues are one of the best ones for fletching. They’re specialized for this process.

  • High-viscosity liquid provides easy to work with for fletching.
  • It shows an excellent performance with both AAE max clean arrow wipes and AAE max welder pen. When using it in this combination, you might not want to use another thing to fletch your arrows.
  • Without the pen, you might be going to struggle to get good adhesion. Primer pen is a vital part of this combination.
  • AAE Primer Pen creates an amazing “Weld” between any vane and the arrow shaft. Just apply to the base of the vane with Max Bond glue.
  • It sets under 30 seconds. But the recommendation is to wait 24 hours before shooting. After that, your arrows will be looking mighty sweet.
  • Wipe the vane and arrow shaft each time before you fletch.
  • The combination is even more perfect with AAE Vanes.
  • AAE pen can be used with different glues as well.


This might be an expensive solution. I know it. But if you have trouble fletching an arrow, this combination can save you. I believe this is worth to try.

Arizona Archery Enterprises AAE Fastset Gel Nock & Vane Adhesive 3GR

aae fletching

Although Fastest Gel is an all-purpose glue, it is also known as one of the best fletching glues. It can be used for both feather and plastic vanes. Another best one of AAE fletching glues.

  • This gel is specifically formulated for gluing plastic vanes to both aluminum and carbon shafts.
  • Do not try new stuff to find the best fletching glue. It’s super fast for a gel. You’ll get incredible results with this fletching glue.
  • Setup time for this glue is almost under 30 sec.
  • This gel is so strong. That’s why a mass of the glue is 3 g while most of the glue tubes are 15-20 g (Fastest gel is available in two sizes 3 and 9 gram). You will use just add a bead of glue on the surface and then spread it with a toothpick.
  • Made in the USA.
  • Works great for inserts and nocks, too.
  • Provides a strong and permanent bond with its high viscosity properties.
  • It’s super easy to work with. AAE is not like anything else you’ve tried before.


  • Sometimes the tube might ooze.
  • This gel is so strong that it might be sometimes a problem because it whitens on some shafts.


Max clean arrow wipe is the easiest way to cleaning arrow shafts.

Bohning Platinum Fletch Tite 3/4oz

bohning glue
  • Bohning Platinum Fletch is specifically designed for fletching. 
  • Great performance and flexibility after drying up.
  • It’s easy to fletch an 8-9 dozen of an arrow with one tube.
  • The dry time is inconvenient, but the results are worth it.
  • Bohning works extremely well as a general-purpose glue
  • It doesn’t leave a white residue.


  • Bohning Platinum is only for fletch an arrow. It can’t be used for inserts. It’ll be too soft to use on nocks and inserts. Besides, it takes more time to dry.
  • Long setup time than other glues (5 min clamp time 48hr cure time).
  • Not so good result with feathers. They might come off easily in time.
  • The producer claims that good result with carbon and fiberglass shafts, but there is no information for aluminum on the tube. Yet, people try this glue with aluminum say they achieved a perfect result.

Loctite Liquid Professional Super Glue 20-Gram Bottle

loctite proffesional
  • Multi-purpose usage
  • With its Pin-point nozzle, it’s easy to squeeze it from a bottle. The screw-on cap prevents the glue from air contact. Thus, it’s usable for a long time period.
  • Loctite super glue can be used to bond different materials like leather, wood, paper, fabric, ceramic.
  • Great result for a cheap solution
  • According to a vane glue test, Locktite super glue has been shown a better performance with AAE max bond other than Bohning fletchtite and Gorilla super glue.

Easton Dr. Dougs Quickbond Vane Adhesive

easton quick bond glue
  • It is essentially just glorified impact super glue
  • Works great as long as you’re using a proper fletching jig
  • Setup time is acceptable. You’ll be ready to shoot in 15-30 minutes. It dries quickly.
  • Works with all arrow types.
  • The tiniest amount of glue is enough for each vane.
  • The bond to the shaft is solid as a rock. Especially on carbon shafts.

Clearly, Easton defends and recommends its own product for Easton arrows. But I’d say this; this is a great combination. If you’re using expensive Easton arrow shafts, this glue is perfect for you.

easton questions


  • Tip dispenses too much glue for what is needed if you don’t squeeze gentle.
  • Although it doesn’t affect the quality, sometimes Easton quick bond adhesive dries with a white crust around the edge of the fletching.

Additionally, Easton primer pen simply doesn’t stick as well as the old stuff did. This primer pen makes CA glues work better with any type of plastic vane. It makes the glue work much better with a crazy difference.

Bonus: NAP Quikfletch Arrow Wraps

quick fletch arrow wraps

Using quikfletch arrow wraps is the easiest way to fletch an arrow. Design of Quickfletch tubes can shrink to fit all size of carbon and aluminum shafts.

  • There is no glue required. You just have to remove the nock and place into boiling water for 10 seconds. It holds on arrow well even after hundreds of shots.
  • I recommend this solution to the people completely new in archery. Fletching a lot of arrows is always a problem. Especially for newbies. These quick fletches are a great product for them.
  • Arrows are extremely durable, and the arrows fly very true with quick fletch.
  • 6 fletch per pack.
  • It’ll take even longer to remove your old fletchings and glue from the shaft.
  • If you’re not a serious hunter or preparing for competition, this is the best way to replace the fletching procedure. This can save you from buying a fletching jig, fletching glue and lots of vanes.
  • A great solution to repair arrows in the field.
  • If you have any problem with this, you can always contact their extraordinary customer service ([email protected]


  • A little bit more expensive than normal fletching solution.
  • If one vane has damaged, you can’t replace it like normal fletching.
  • All residual glue should be cleaned while re-fletching your arrow before using quikflect.
  • Since it’s made of paper, they can tear easily.
  • Check every inch of the fletch. There shouldn’t be any bubbles. Otherwise, it might be cracked or separated halfway down.

Pro Tip! If you see any bubbles after put into the boiling water, heat up with the hot water steam and remove it with your nail.

Fletching Glue Test

In this section, I want to share 4 different informal glue tests that people try to understand the fletching glue performance and find the best one.

First test:

According to a 5 fletching glue comparison test which uses our 3 of top 10 list, results are like below:

  • Fletch-Tite Platinum takes a long time to dry, and the adhesive was not satisfying.
  • Loctite super glue has a fast adhesion. But the adhesive was brittle. If the gel will perfectly cover the base of the vane, it’ll be ok.
  • Gorilla Super Glue’s setup time is seconds. Also, the bond was so strong that it put the Gorilla Glue forward past the other glues.

Second test:

According to a 5 different fletching glue comparison test, which uses one of our top 10 lists, results are like below:

  • G5 Blue Glu withstands up to 35,6 lbs. force (average of 3 attempts). It was the same as Loctite Gel control but far better than other brands (around 11 lbs.)
glue test
bowhunter4e / Fletching Glue Test (youtube)

Third test:

According to the third test, which uses our 2 of top 10 list, results are like below:

  • Gorilla Super Glue withstands against 12 lbs force while G5 Blu Glu carries up to 50 lbs. This test shows us G5 Blu Glu provides far better bond than Gorilla Super Glue.
fletching glue test
Archerytalk / reezen11

Fourth test:

In the fourth 6 fletching glue comparison test, uses our 4 of top 10 glue list. There is no tension force amount of information, but at the end of the test, results are like below:

  • The Loctite Super Glue and AAE Max Bond Glue stayed on; they can’t pull them off.
  • Bohning Fletchtite Platinum and  Gorilla Super Glue come off easier than the other glues.


As I said before, there is no perfect answer. Most of them are determined by preferences.

But to sum up, we have some glues come to the forefront. Here are the top ones we’ve picked according to its purpose.

So, which is the best fletching glue for you? We’d like to hear it.

Thanks for reading.














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  • Andrew Reeve

    November 15, 2020 at 8:05 pm

    I have been fletching arrows for 17 years. You’re absolutely right about Bohnung’s Platinum Fletch Tite! The setup time is wayyy tooo long. A good solvent type adhesive is Seal All in the yellow tube with red lettering. It sets up in 1/5 time of Fletch Tite, and is watertight when it cures. It’s even impervious to solvents.


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