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hunter walks on sunset

7 Benefits of Hunting – The Effects on Hunters and Community

While too many people are discussing the hunting lifestyle results on wildlife circle, there are also some benefits of hunting as well. Archaeological evidence of the first appearance of stone tools is based on nearly 3 million years ago… In this period of time, human beings have been hunters and gatherers. Thus, hunting has been…

different types of arrows

Types of Arrows – What’s The Difference?

According to your archery type, you’ll be using different types of arrows and bows. Changing arrows offers different advantages. ◊ Arrows have more variety than all other archery equipment. But seriously, what is the difference? Mainly, the type of arrows you use depends on the type of bow you use and the purpose of your…

List of Legendary Famous Archers of All Time

Archery has been an important skill for human beings to possess for many centuries.Through time and progress, mankind has improved archery from what it was from hundreds of years ago.For hunting and fighting purposes, archery has held a great role in creating today’s world. Today, archery is an accepted sport worldwide with its many subcategories. Besides, the many fantasy…

Types of Archery: Which One Is the Best For a Beginner to Use?

Even if we extended the list below, we would still say there are five (5) major ways that you can enjoy archery as a sport. So, here are the main types of archery; Target Archery Field Archery 3D Archery Traditional Archery BowhuntingIt is possible to say; there are also some sub-categories within these types of archery. For instance,…

Most Common Archery Mistakes

When I first started getting into archery, I didn’t know anything about it.  I wanted to begin it as a hobby because I felt that learning archery would make me feel transported to medieval times.These were the periods when I really would have liked to have lived and been the most interested in discovering.Now that I…

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