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How to Carry a Bow in the Woods – (Nov 22 Updated)

Being outside in nature with your bow never goes out-of-date. When you go hunting with your bow, you will need to know how to carry a bow with the proper way to enjoy your long trip in nature and to make it easier. ◊ Keeping your expensive gears safe and handling it properly is not only…

How to Aim a Bow Without Sights – Complete Guideline

Quick Summary Even if it’s going to challenge archers each time they shoot, more archers are going back to the traditional archery which makes them feel like they are living in medieval times. They use a bow without sights, stabilizer, scopes or different types of new gear and accessories. I believe it’s because we are unable to…

How to Paper Tune a Bow: Your Step-by-Step Guideline

Quick SummaryIn this article, I want to share a very important step that can either be really easy or incredibly complicated for archery. This step is called Paper Tuning. It’s something that archers study on their arrow flight with the rips which are created by the arrow on a piece of paper they use. So, we will…

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