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How to Carry a Bow in the Woods – (Nov 22 Updated)

Being outside in nature with your bow never goes out-of-date. When you go hunting with your bow, you will need to know how to carry a bow with the proper way to enjoy your long trip in nature and to make it easier.

carry a crossbow in the woods

◊ Keeping your expensive gears safe and handling it properly is not only a wise decision to protect yourself and other but it also extends the life of your equipment which is really important.

How to carry a bow is a critical parameter that affects your bow’s life.

In-depth: How to Carry a Bow

The way you carry a bow will affect your shoot in nature. If you don’t let your body relax while keeping track of the animal you’re hunting, you will be exhausted when you do catch sight of an animal.

Grasping a bow with one hand will gain you a chance to move fast in the woods. Leaving your other hand free will be enough for safe travel. Besides carrying a bow with one hand is also encouraged.

archer holds a bow with one hand

For those that hike in a long and tiring way, they might want to find various ways to carry their bows. I know how PAINFUL it can be.

You want to find a comfortable way.

But the general recommendation is to not only practice shooting, but also practice on carrying it in different ways as well.

◊ There wasn’t any good answer to the question of ‘’How to carry a bow’’ on Google. So, I’ve researched A LOT from different sources for you and presented all the helpful information here.

Carrying a Bow by the String

Carrying a bow by the string might cause it to stretch prematurely over time, especially in hot summer weathers.

This is a critical thing if you want peak performance from your archery gear. There are lots of people who willingly use it this way. It’s SUPER EASY. You can carry the bow by the string with your hand.

Another great way is using a shoulder sling. By the help of hook on the sling, you can attach the bow by its D-loop. After that, you’re free to walk with your bow while both of your hands are free. Besides, in this way, you’ll always be prepared for those unexpected shots.

archer carries a bow by the string

Photo credit: TexasNative00-Page (Youtube)

◊ If you’re not a professional, this could be the best option for you.

But if you don’t have any tolerance against your bow tune, then protection is your priority. In these cases, I recommend you to use a bow case. Besides, hanging a bow by the string isn’t a suggested thing.

Carrying a bow by the string can cause an unwanted stretch and string wear. That will definitely affect your shot. So, why take any risk?

Carrying a Bow with your Hand

Among all the carrying items such as holders or straps I have purchased, I still prefer it to carry my bow in my hand. Especially while stalking.

It’s my personal preference to ready to shot quickly. Even so, if there is a long trek that lies in front of me, I generally use a shoulder strap.

carrying a bow with one hand in the woods

The most important reason for carrying a bow with one hand is always feeling the power for me. Additionally, this way of carrying for me brings me closer to the medieval times which I want to live.

Carrying a Bow in a Case

Holding a bow with one hand is a good option in the woods. But, if you are walking in a mountainous area, you might need both of your hands free while transporting the bow case. Besides, it will keep everything organized.

Most of the cases are also suitable for putting on your back. So, the mobility feature is the biggest pro of using the cases.

Promo Bow Case is the best one among we’ve reviewed.

If you’re so rigorous about your stuff, you might want to choose using a case to carry a bow. Cases will keep your bow and arrows safe and prevent from any physical damage. Even the soft cases are so durable because they are made of sturdy fabric. On the other hand, hard cases which made from high-density are another solution.

Plano Bow Guard can be a good option.

◊ Soft cases are good for their mobility feature; hard cases are a good choice for carrying the bow in the truck or the car.

Carrying a Bow on Your Back

Traditional bow users know that it’s hard to find a case which the bow fits in. The sling can be a good solution. Besides, the biggest advantage of using a sling is the chance of taking from your back to your hand easily anytime.

Carrying a bow with a sling is much easier during the first miles of your hiking until you reach the hunting area.


If you’re not sure how to keep your bow from receiving any physical damage, the sling is not a good option for you.

Because carrying a bow with sling means your bow is open any external impact, you might want to attach your bow to your backpack.

In this case, there isn’t too much to do. You will use your backpack’s straps to fix your bow onto it. But it’s another great solution, especially when traveling a long way.

fix the bow with straps on a backpack

Photo credit: Archery Talk / fx4hauler – Whitetailwriter


The bow will move a little bit with the solution shown above. Additionally, if you use a soft and big pack like a sleeping bed under your backpack, it may help to stabilize your bow.

Pros and Cons


  • Convenience
  • Accessibility
  • Gives you a chance to move in the wilderness stealthily and fast.
  • Your hands will be free while you’re out on the trails.
  • Best way to limiting your pain because of the weight.


  • It can take some time to get used to carrying a bow on your back
  • If you don’t sling your bow properly, it may cause damage to your arms or back.
  • It might fall and snag on bushes.

Carrying a Bow by Vehicle

If you use a vehicle like an ATV in the woods you can consider using gun racks; the bow won’t move on your hunting ride.

how to carry a bow with ATV

Photo credit: ArcheryTalk / TreeJumper

You can use these ATV gun mounts on your bike as well. It can be stuck on the handlebars and will hold the bow nicely.

how to carry a bow with a bike

Photo credit: The Hunting Beast / Dewey

As another option, Kolpin Rhino Holder might be a good solution. It can be mounted on tubular, square bars or even flat surface with a small drill operation.

Bonus Tips for Carrying a Bow


You can use a hook that goes on the grip and your belt as well. Then you can strap it around your waist while hiking in the woods.

how to carry a bow with quiver

Photo credit: ArcheryTalk / Nchells


If you’re just hiking recreationally without the purpose of hunting, then strap it to your traditional bow unstrung to your back quiver. It might be a good solution.


In short, I recommend you to attach your bow into your backpack while hiking or cycling in the woods. But when you reach the hunting area to be prepared for any type of fantastic shot, hold it with your bow hand.

Above all, you should find your own solution that meets your requirements.

We'd like to hear your comments and ideas below.


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