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NEW VIEW Hunting Clothes Review

Today's review will be sponsored content. The hunting clothing producer New View Hunting, established in China where hunting is prohibited, recently contacted me to review their products and requested that I share my honest opinions, as I always do.

New view hunting brand logo


Although they are a very new brand in the market, it is possible to say that they offer quite satisfying options for those seeking cost-effective solutions with China's supply and production power.

The sales figures they have reached on Amazon and user reviews indicate that they have quickly established a reliable presence in the market.

In this article, you will find every detail about the New View Hunting clothes they sent me.

New View Hunting Suit review

Material and Fabric

I have to say that for the raincoat I tried the interior seams are quite poor and cheaply made. It seems like the stitches and seams look like being taped with packing tape.

new view hunting raincoat inside stitches

However, this situation does not apply to the hunting jacket. In fact, I can say that it looks remarkably high-quality, surpassing expectations for a product at this price point.

Material-wise, 100% recycled polyester has been used in the raincoat. It's not realistic to expect more from a product in this price range. Nevertheless, don't let the material scare you. While it may not excel in insulation and breathability, polyester products always stand out in intense outdoor activities due to their durability, lightweight, and quick-drying features.

For the hunting suit and the pants, the material is %95 Polyester %5 Spandex for the Shell, and %100 for the lining inside. However, the interior surface, particularly the back and arm areas, is designed in a way that gives a complete fleece fabric sensation. This design, which will keep you warm in cold weather, truly feels good.

Camo Pattern

The differences in hunting camo designs often lie in the specific patterns and color schemes tailored to where you'll be hunting.

camo pattern for hunting suit

New View Hunting clothes feature the commonly used Wetland Camo (2nd one) design. After extensive reviews, they have finally reached the ultimate patented camo designs.

The camo pattern is outstanding and can closely rival more expensive options.

With its suitability for expansive wooded areas, especially at the beginning of the season, it serves as a comfortable choice. Depending on the hunting location, it can also be considered an appropriate option for late-season hunting.

Keep in mind that specific patterns may work better in certain regions or terrains. I recommend considering the local flora and terrain conditions when choosing your camo.


Remember that the specific requirements may vary based on the type of hunting you're doing and the environment you're in. Always check local regulations and guidelines related to hunting clothing, especially regarding safety colors and blaze orange requirements.

Weather Conditions

It's a lightweight suit ideal for warmer weather conditions.

It is possible to say that New View Hunting clothes are waterproof unless exposed to prolonged heavy rain, has high wind resistance, and is made of breathable fabric.

In addition to all this, I must mention that you still need to layer up for insulation. Expecting excellent insulation in cold weather might not be accurate. However, this makes it a versatile option for different weather conditions.

Regarding ventilation, the inside of the jacket is covered with perforated fabric. This allows for ventilation when the side and chest pocket zippers are opened. Especially in situations of intense effort where you sweat a lot, this can be a life-saving feature for cold weather.

perforated fabric of hunting suit

Fit, Comfort, Layering

The loose design of the suit makes it easy to layer up for warmth in cold weather. When wearing a quiet, waterproof camo suit in the forest, the best approach is already to layer up with the right insulation for added warmth.

It allows you to layer up inside for added warmth for the late season. I believe it also will perform well in cold weather.

different layers of the hunting suit

Noise Level

Quiet fabrics are crucial to avoid detection by wildlife. So, one of the first things you should look for in a hunting suit is the quietness of it. It's worth noting that the material is waterproof. It won't let water through unless you're exposed to heavy rain. However, this comes with a disadvantage. For example, it means it will be noisier compared to a fleece material that absorbs water completely like a sponge.

There is a little bit of a trade-off here.

Many waterproof fabrics tend to produce loud noises, which can be particularly problematic for bow hunters. However, this jacket stands out as it is soft, provides excellent warmth, and maintains a relatively quiet profile.

Nevertheless, it's possible to say that New View Hunting clothes are surprisingly much quieter compared to general waterproof materials.

quietness of New View Hunting

Features and Pockets

If you’re not a hood wearer. Good news for you! There is a zipper. So, you can remove the hood.

New view hunting suit has removable hood

A great feature with this suit is that also comes with a super warm, fleece lining mask. It is a two layer face mask with camo exterior and soft leasy interior.

additioanl face mask of the hunting suit

Whether you choose to use it as just a neck gaiter or as a full face mask, having such a piece that completely camouflages you in the outdoors is always essential. The mouth area design, facilitating easy breathing, looks quite nice. It probably would be frustrating to have to constantly open and close your mouth to warm up and breathe.

face mask has a special thin area to easiness of breath

Before diving into a detailed pocket review, there's one more feature I'd like to mention. On the back, The suit has a big slot for your tether when you can use it on the tree stand. In addition, having a covered design to prevent water from seeping through your back is a lifesaving feature, especially in rainy weather.

tether slot on the back of the hunting suit

First, I must say seams of the hunting suit are smooth and friction points prevent discomfort during extended wear. Seams are quite well-constructed for added durability and comfort. They seal the suit nicely.

The pants have 4 large zippered pockets, with 2 in the front and 2 cargo pockets on side at the knee level. Having all pockets zippered is crucial for outdoor conditions, and they haven't compromised on this aspect.

suit pocket locations and sizes
cargo pocket of the hunting pants

However, if you're accustomed to using back pockets, it's worth noting that these pants don't have any. Personally, I don't find it to be a significant issue as the 4 large pockets are quite sufficient. Still, it's worth mentioning for those who have a habit of using back pockets.

new view huntting pants lack of back pockets

Pants have an elastic waistband. Even if it's not a perfect fit for your body, it will sit snugly on you with a belt or some stretch allowance.

new view hunting suit review

Down around your ankle, There is a buckle to make that pant tight around your boot. But it’s worth mentioning that there is no adjustment option like a Velcro strap.

If you prefer not to tuck your pants into your boots, you have the option to expand the ankle area of the pants with an almost knee-length zipper. This way, you can pull the pants over your boots.

adjustment for the boot of hunting pants

The jacket has really deep two side pockets and a chest pockets. All pockets are well-insulated with zippers.

new view hunting jacket pockets
side chest pockets of the jacket

There are also two walk-in pockets inside the chest pockets. With their fleece-like design, these pockets will especially help keep your hands close to your body and warm during cold weather walks.

small hand warmer pockets are useful

It also has a sleeve zipper pocket which I find useful.

new view hunting suit arm pockets

Lastly, There is a double zipper pocket again all the way your back Which creates a huge pouch of your back.

back pouch of the hunting jacket

For the raincoat, one of the standout features is its ventilation zipper that can be opened from almost under the arm to the elbow. In a lightweight, non-breathable, 100% waterproof outer garment, adding such a feature is quite practical for expelling accumulated moisture from the inside.

raincoat underarm zipper ventilation

Scent Control

The hunting outfit doesn't claim to have scent-prevention features. However, the most notable advantage I've observed is the prevention of sweat, bacterial moisture, and potential odors from the outset, thanks to breathable fabric and ventilation openings. Nevertheless, wearing scent-controlling inner layers or using scent inhibitors might be an additional consideration.

It's important to note that while scent control can be beneficial, achieving complete scent elimination is challenging. Hunters should also adopt additional scent control practices, such as hunting with the wind in mind.


Durability is a crucial aspect when it comes to hunting suits, as they need to withstand the rigors of the outdoors and various environmental conditions.

This hunting suit is made from durable, rugged, and ripstop materials.

Nevertheless, despite the practices in some hunting suits to use double-layered fabrics in high-impact areas for increased durability and protection against wear, it must be noted that in New View Hunting clothes, there are no additional resistant layers against abrasion in quickly wearing areas such as knees and elbows. This absence is particularly important in preventing damage caused by rough surfaces like rocks and undergrowth.

High-quality, reinforced seams enhance the overall durability of the garment. Durable and corrosion-resistant zippers, snaps, and closures contribute to the general lifespan of the clothing, enabling them to withstand frequent use and exposure to various weather conditions.

seam construction is very well for the hunting suit

While certain high-end products feature Durable Water Repellent (DWR) coatings to provide an additional layer of protection against moisture, enhancing the garment's resilience in diverse weather conditions, this product lacks such coatings.

water resistance test for the new view hunting clothes

Yet, I tested this hunting outfit for you underwater. Water bead up and rolled over the fabric, and flowed away. This is precisely one of the fundamental features we expect from such a hunting gear. If water had accumulated on the fabric and started to darken regionally over time, it would have meant that the area was absorbing water, which is the most undesirable situation. Otherwise, why wouldn't we use the world's most quietest polar fabric?

 Lastly, the polyester material, which is easy to clean and can withstand regular washing without losing its features, provides both the advantage of easy maintenance and the opportunity for safe use over many years.


By the way, New View Hunting clothes are machine washable at low temperatures.

new view hunting clothes can be washed in low temperature

Visibility and Safety

Using a hunting suit with reflective elements, such as strips or patches, which can enhance visibility in low-light conditions, is sometimes a necessity.

In this product, the only noticeable area on the camouflage is the orange-colored brand logo. It's important to note that there is no additional reflective strip or safety vest.

only reflection area of the hunting jacket


Be aware of hunting regulations regarding safety and visibility requirements. Ensure your chosen suit complies with any specific regulations in your hunting area.

Brand Reputation and Reviews

New View Hunting is a Chinese manufacturer, and we can say they have achieved quite successful results despite hunting being entirely prohibited in China. China's manufacturing, supply, and competitive capabilities are incredibly high. They have positioned their brand in the lower-budget product category, taking advantage of this strength.

Therefore, expecting the product to perform at the level of $300-400 equipment would not be accurate. However, considering products in the more affordable price range, they have achieved a satisfactory standard, as evidenced by their sales figures in the US market and positive user reviews.


To be honest, in comparison to products in a similar price range, it wouldn't be accurate to say that New View Hunting stands out prominently. For instance, the TideWe hunting suit has additional wear-resistant surfaces compared to New View Hunting. However, the zipper quality of New View Hunting clothes surpasses that of products in this price range. Nevertheless, I believe it's worth considering due to its satisfactory fulfillment of all basic requirements within a low-budget range.

Pros and Cons


  • Affordable price: We can consider it an entry-level product, especially suitable for beginners in hunting or hunters who prefer not to make too much investments in equipment. Alternatively, for more experienced hunters; it's an ideal option for maintaining a low-cost backup hunting kit that meets all basic requirements
  • Comfortable: Normally cheaper suits lack comfort-oriented features. But this one offers comfort-oriented features, including proper ventilation, moisture-wicking properties, and articulated joints for ease of movement.
  • Cost-Effective Experimentation: Buying a hunting suit like this allows you to experiment with different camo patterns, styles, or features without a significant financial commitment.
  • Lightweight: New View Hunting suit is quite light, making them suitable for those who prioritize agility and ease of movement over added features.


  • Lower Quality Materials: While it may not be appropriate to make a direct comparison with higher-priced products like Kuiu or Sitka, it is necessary to note that this hunting suit utilizes lower-quality materials in comparison to those higher-priced alternatives.
  • Limited Features: While this hunting suit covers all basic features and functionalities, sometimes you might need some specialized pockets, scent control, or advanced camo patterns.
  • Limited Durability and Weather Protection: Despite being crafted from durable, rugged, and ripstop materials, this suit may not withstand harsh outdoor conditions or frequent use as effectively as higher-priced alternatives. It can wear out more quickly, considering there are no additional reinforcement layers on the knee and elbow areas.The level of waterproofing, wind resistance, and insulation is not insufficient for extreme weather conditions, limiting the suit's overall versatility. You'll always need additional gears and layers inside.


My normal body size is M (155 lbs, 5' 10"). Therefore, I ordered the products in size M as well. I can say that when I tried it on over a T-shirt, it seemed a bit loose. However, considering that I will layer up in the woods and outdoor conditions, I can say that the size fits my body very well.

If you typically wear an average American size, please note that this coat is sized according to Asian sizing. It may be beneficial to order one size larger.

hunting clothes size chart in US size


Considering China's high supply and manufacturing capabilities, it can be said that New View Hunting products offer satisfactory quality at quite affordable prices. I can say that it is worth trying for anyone seeking a budget-friendly and cost-effective solution.

Overall Performance and Conclusion

If we generally evaluate it, this hunting outfit seems to meet most of the basic needs expected from a complete hunting suit. Of course, there may be shortcomings and features that could be improved. However, it's important to note that all these additions come with an additional cost. Still, for those in search of an affordable solution to meet basic needs, it can be considered a quite satisfying product.

Ideal for hunters in regions with milder weather conditions or for specific seasons, where advanced features may not be crucial.

Overall, New View Hunting clothes will perform precisely as needed. It’s a really good mid-season hunting suit.

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