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Shortbow archer vs Longbow archer

SHORTBOW vs LONGBOW (Nov-22 Updated)

Shortbow vs. Longbow is one of the primary debates between archers for centuries.Shortbows are more commonly used by horsemen in history and it was more popular in the Genghis Khan era. On the other hand, the British, for many years they had the upper hand over their enemies thanks to their famous longbow. However, that…

MATHEWS vs HOYT – [Nov 22 Updated]

There are many top-notch bows on the market. Therefore, you may be having trouble narrowing down the list, OR you could just continue to vacillate between two HUGE brands like Mathews vs Hoyt bows. Quick Navigation Quick SummaryIn-depth: MATHEWS vs HOYTQuick History of HOYTQuick History of MathewsHoyt vs Mathews ComparisonWhy Should You Choose HOYT Bows?Why Should You Choose Mathews Bows?Maintance…

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