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The Best Kisser Button: Why Should You Use It?

In archery terminology, kisser button means a consistent anchor point which is used to improve your accuracy.

the best kisser button

Lancaster Archery Supply / Bowhunting how-to: Kisser button (Youtube)

There are different types of kisser button alternatives for bows on the market. These buttons have an assortment of features. To find the best kisser button, our recommendation is to read every feature that is strong and weak for every one of them.

We’ve reviewed some of the best kisser buttons in this article to help you to find an optimal solution for you.

In-depth: The Kisser Button

The kisser button is a small plastic and inexpensive part which is attached to the string. It helps you prevent your anchor position from shot to shot.  The archer can ensure a consistent anchor position with the alignment between the kisser button and lips.

These small plastic things are very useful in teaching the archer how to have better repeatability with accuracy. It is a must-have for beginners!

the kisser button position

What is a Kisser Button?

The kisser button is a reference point for you. It means if you use both sight and kisser button, then you will have two different references for your head position. It will probably lead you the wrong direction even if both references are set up properly. Besides, shooting without sight is not so difficult.

So, using the kisser button with recurve bows without sight is the best thing you can do. That’s why these little things are mostly used by Olympic recurve archers.

Why Do You Need a Kisser Button?

archers hold the bow on anchor point
Archerycoach – Kisser Button

On the other hand (for more advanced archers), having another reference point will help you to keep your consistency. You don’t have to focus on your anchor and body form so much. Instead of this, you can focus a lot on shooting.

Do you need to use one? Well, consistency is the answer. If a kisser button helps you to obtain better accuracy, then I encourage you to use this small plastic part for your advantage.

THE KISSER BUTTONS ADVANTAGES ARE HUGE FOR NEW ARCHERS. It helps to maintain a consistent anchor point. The biggest con of using a kisser is it makes you lose 2-3 fps of speed. If you’re not an advanced archer or hunter, that’s NOTHING!

The Kisser Button Placement

The best position of the kisser button is approximately 1-2 inches above the nock locator. You can make small adjustments to draw back to the bowstring. Repeat it until the kisser button touches between your lips.

kisser button location
TheBarefootArchery – How to instal a kisser button

Once you are satisfied the location of the kisser, record its location. Install it where it feels comfortable to you at your normal anchor point position.

Anchor variations or for instance, using a mechanical release might affect the kisser position as well.

Check It for a Succesful Shot

archer hold the bow on anchor point

When you draw the bowstring to your face, its time to arrange your anchor position, meanwhile, if you attached the kisser on the string, it will help you to find your position. Touch the string to your nose and side of chin and then touch kisser to your lips. Your draw hand should be firmly in contact with the jaw lastly if you use a peep sight, center target with it. THIS IS MAINLY WHAT YOU SHOULD DO WHEN YOU ANCHOR.

The Best Kisser Buttons

Here are some of the best kisser buttons I found after a couple of hours of investigation.

1- Pine Ridge Archery Slotted XL

Pine Ridge kisser comes with 2 clamps for both top and bottom of the part. So, just insert the string through the slot on the kisser and use these clamps to fix it. Pretty easy so far.

Only the clamps might get hard to fit it properly, which must be done correctly to avoid flowing off and hit you in the face while shooting. Additionally, the material is a bit harder than pictures. It looks like its made from something a little bit softer.

2- Draves Komfort Kiss Black/Red

Draves Komfort comes with fixing clamps and snaps on very easily. Despite it made by a hard rubber feels like a soft plastic. It doesn’t add any vibration or noise to the string. It’s durable and clamps down perfectly. Even after hundreds of arrows, it won’t be a problem at all. It’s stayed exactly where you put it the first time.

This kisser is excellent compared to the hard plastic ones. It’s made of firm rubber which is not so hard. Comfortable on the skin. It also has color options.

3- Draves Marketing Komfort Kiss

Like the other options, Draves Marketing Kisser has a slot on it from top to bottom. You can just SLIP IT OVER STRING. There is no need to take the string off to install the kisser.

It has a soft ergonomic design. Also, very comfortable and durable. It comes with 2 anchor clips as well. It’s just a little bit bigger than the previous options.


This is maybe the smallest, simplest, and cheapest part that you can attach to your bow. For beginners, using it provides a 100% better accuracy. For advance archers, using with both sight and kisser might cause a conflict. But eventually, it’s another reference point. If you know how to use them together, it will certainly help you.

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