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In-depth Review: Pros/Cons of SAS Rage 70 Lbs 30’’ Compound Bow

Quick Summary

I’m sure even the most experienced archer finds it difficult when choosing a new compound bow.

So, you know it’s even harder for a novice to make that determination. There are so many different models on the market, and it makes it tremendously stressful to decide from them all.

To clarify, the SAS Rage Compound Bow can be found as the BEST OPTION for a low budget.

You’ve probably read tons of reviews about the different types of compound bows. No doubt, this reading material reflect the low quality of these products.

However, if your main purpose is to find a solidpowerful and also budget-friendly compound bow, SAS Rage Compound Bow can be exactly what you’re looking to purchase.

SAS Rage is the most affordable compound bow in the market!

sas rage compound bow review


Our reviews are based on scientific sources and mentioned on objective facts. We’re researching archery gears from producer’s and customer’s sides. Once we are done compiling all of that, and we try to present it to you within an objective opinion.

About a Brand

The producer of this bow is based in Taiwan and called Man Kung. It was established in 1988 and also produces parts for other well-known bow brands as well.

You might be hesitant because it’s made in Taiwan, but there is no need to worry because this brand has lots of experience in archery products.

Besides, this bow is sold by an U.S.-Company named Southland Archery SupplyThe acronym of ‘’SAS’’ comes from here.


I have to be honest; there are better bows in this price range for an experienced archer. But SAS Rage Compound Bow is one of the best choices for newbies.

You can buy this bow with or without accessories with two different options; basic pack and pro pack.

Buying bows online?

I’ve been buying bows and many other accessories online for years and never had any problems. However, before you buy it, just don’t forget to check the seller’s return policy. Since it isn’t a personal hygienic product; you’ll have a right to return within a certain time. If you don’t think this is a good choice for you, you can always return!

What Is Include in Pro Pack?

sas rage pro pack
  • SAS Rage Compound Bow
  • Hard Bow Flight Approved Case
  • SAS Destroyer Carbon Arrows
  • 5-Pin Bow Sight
  • Trophy Ridge Quick Shot Arrow Rest
  • Quick Detach Quiver
  • Tube Peep Sight
  • D-loop, Neoprene Sling
  • Lube Wax
  • Wrist Sling
  • Limb Dampener Set
  • 8″ 6.5oz Aluminum Stabilizer
  • 6 x Broad heads
  • The basic pack comes with a metal sight on it and a plastic style of arrow rest. In my opinion, it’s a very cheap and low-quality arrow rest.


    You should check what’s included in the pro pack before buying. It can contain differences from one seller to another.

    Bottom Line: You can spend years with these items if you’re a newbie. But for regular archers, some of these accessories may not be satisfactory. In time, you may want to change some of them. For instance, you can get a better high-quality aluminum sight and a better arrow rest.


    For this great bow, the accessories that come with the pro pack look kind of low-quality. Since this is a very adjustable bow, we advise you to buy only the bow and customize it other accessories on the market at a fair price!

    Is It Appropriate for New Archers?

    The SAS Rage compound bow can be easily used by people who are 100% new to archery.

    The modernized style of the bow’s twin cams provides a smooth draw cycle that tends to give even a rookie archers a great experience.

    These cams with their moveable stop pins produce a fixed wall. This will help people with zero knowledge about archery to build a steady anchor point. Since it is straight-forward and customizable, it is probably the best option for beginners on the market. 

    Just one thing: If you haven’t shot much or not at all, I normally would recommend starting with a bow with around 40 lbs draw weight. This bow’s minimum draw weight of 55 lbs can be tough for beginners. Nevertheless, you can build up those muscles quickly. SAS Rage is still a great choice to use as a starting bow.

    What are the most liked and disliked features of the SAS Rage?

    I’ve researched this area a lot. In summary, people mostly liked its price/perform feature and mostly disliked its heavy draw weight even if it is adjustable. Generally, people found it a little heavier than their expectation.

    Did You Check Your Draw Weight?


    Archer’s Weight

    Draw Weight

    Small Children (70-100 lbs.)

    10-15 lbs.

    Larger Children (100-130 lbs.)

    15-25 lbs.

    Small-Frame Female (100-130 lbs.)

    25-35 lbs.

    Med-Frame Female (130-160 lbs.)

    25-35 lbs.

    Small-Frame Male (120-150 lbs.)

    30-45 lbs.

    Medium-Frame Male (150-180 lbs.)

    40-55 lbs.

    Large-Frame Female (160+ lbs.)

    30-45 lbs.

    Large-Frame Male (180+ lbs.)

    45-60 lbs.

    SAS Rage Compound Bow has a heavy draw weight. It has a 70 lbs draw weight, but you can adjust it if you have a problem with pulling the string back. You will always have the freedom to reduce the draw weight.

    Don’t worry about that part of bow adjustment with this bow. The draw weight range is 55 to 70 lbs. If you’re a beginner, I highly recommend you adjust it to 55 lbs, which are minimum to prevent any injury from occurring. But even so, it is not suitable for children or teenagers because of its high draw weight.

    I didn’t measure the real draw weight since I don’t have an actual device for performing that task. But by reading some reviews, they say it can be adjusted past 75 lbs as well!


    Even if you trust your draw power, you will have to train yourself for having a long draw time. In my point of view, SAS Rage is definitely for men who can handle bows with the heavy draw weight.

    Design and Construction

    SAS Rage is a solid and comfortable bow with excellent features and has high-quality construction. Besides, it is integrated with a 35 inches axle to axle, 30 inches draw length, and 55-70 pounds comes with fast lane strings.


    Unfortunately, this bow is only for Right-handed people! There is no Left-handed option!

    Sizing and Specifications

  • 55-70 lbs Draw Weight
  • 26-30 Inches Draw Length
  • 270 ft/sec Max Speed
  • 35 Inches Axle to Axle
  • 4.4 lbs Net Weight
  • Outfit/Colors

    It has three different color option;

    • Black
    • Autumn Camo
    • Camo Green
    colorful sas rage compound bow


    The bow comes with durable and slightly lighter split limbs. The producer uses compressed layered ABS (fiberglass) limbs in this product to increase the strength and life of the bow. They use this cheap material rather than expensive composite materials like other model’s limbs. But it’s not a bad choice. ABS limbs provide you great balance, weight, and strength.


    The aluminum riser is well-machined. So, it gives the archer a good experience for resting arrows and aiming.

    As a result of a sensitive engineering and a deep topology optimization, 
    the riser has several cut-outs. With this method, the places of cut-outs are defined.

    That offers you a more lightweight and stabilized bow without any functionality loss. Additionally, the riser allows the archer to attach lots of different types of accessories.


    Although there are some complaints about the grip comfort, most of them are from hunters. If you consider that they need more time for aiming under this heavy draw weight, this is an understandable gripe. But generally, the grip feels quite comfortable if compared with other equivalent models. The grip is made from molded plastic and wraps the riser softly.

    Cam System

    SAS Rage Bow designers desired to create a bow easily adjustable. They achieved this goal with this cam system. This bow comes with a twin cam system made from aluminum. This system is quite durable and works well as compared to other similar price range compound bows.


    The string comes with it and is 51“ long. But, as additional info, don’t expect nock or D-Loop to be installed because it hasn’t.

    Since it has a heavy draw weight, the string could be too weak for that. You can also find complaints about snapping the string.

    We advise!

    You to wax the string before you use it.

    Draw Cycle / Shootability / Accuracy

    The bow comes with 29’’ draw length. But the draw length range is 26’’ to 30,’’ and you can adjust it as well. You have to loosen the screw in the cam and put the right draw length hole that you want to set and tighten it. Both cams should have the same draw lengths! 

    But there are some complaints about the screws that hold the draw length falling out between shots. You need to be sure to tighten the screws enough to prevent this from happening!

    Also after you shoot, you’ll see how accurate this bow can be. But the thing is, the more you practice, the more accurate you will become. The real factor here is human error; like always.

    Is It Good for 3D target shooting?

    For target shooting or 3D shooting, the SAS Rage is fast enough.

    Is It Good for Hunting?

    SAS Rage Compound Bow has 70 lbs draw weight. That means it can create a high-level of kinetic energy. When you release the string, the arrow launches at an approximate speed of 270 ft/sec. That makes the bow well-suited for hunting.

    Also, the bow’s noise level and vibration are under your control by integrating string dampeners, vibration absorbing, and stabilizer. With these improvements, you can have a quiet bow for hunting as well. This light-weight bow gets the job done marvelously. It proves not just for newbies.

    Although heavier bows tend to be quite loud, SAS Rage is an exception. You can improve this bow with additional upgrades like silencers and string dampeners. Even with these upgrades, there are still some complaints about the bow being noisy. However, what might be considered a negative feature depends on how the owner will be using the bow. While it could be a big problem for bow hunters, the noise will not even be a topic for target archery.

    SAS Rage has enough draw-weight to produce kinetic energy. If you use this bow to its maximum capability, you can expect as much kinetic energies like below;

    • 70 lbs / 30’’ draw / 350 grain arrows: 56.7 ft-lbs Kinetic Energy
    • 70 lbs / 30’’ draw / 425 grain arrows: 68.8 ft-lbs Kinetic Energy
    Kinetic Energy
    You Can Hunt:

    < 25 ft-lbs

    Small Game (groundhog, rabbit,
    wild turkey)

    25-41 ft-lbs

    Medium Game (Antelope, Whitetail

    42-65 ft-lbs

    Large Game (black bear, wild
    boar, elk)

    > 65 ft-lbs

    Largest Game (Grizzly bear, Cape buffalo, 
    Musk Ox, African elephant)


    The kinetic energies listed above are measured in front of the riser. To be able to calculate KE at different distances, you should subtract approximately 1.8ft-lbs for every 10 yards of distance from the target.

    Is It Suitable for Bowfishing?

    With the addition of a bow fishing reel attachment, SAS Rage can easily be used for bow fishing as well. The bow has its own mounting holes. Besides, if you consider its high draw weight, the bow creates enough power to penetrate water and hit the fish even though being fairly light and compact.

    Don’t worry about having a rust problem. There aren’t many metal parts on it and all metal parts included in the assembly are already painted. Just keep it properly maintained and cleaned at end of your fishing activity. It will be enough to prevent rusting.

    Additional Note! 

    Since an average compound bow suits for more than one archery discipline, you can learn more about different types of bows and different types of archery and have an idea for each purpose and use.

    Adding More Features?

    You have the freedom to make some modifications on this bow. It can be adjustable and can be modified. It has plenty of mounting holes to upgrade the bow.

    In addition to features mentioned above to make the bow quieter, you can add these accessories below;

    • shock stop stabilizer
    • trophy ridge
    • limb case
    • whisker biscuit

    Which Arrow Should I Use With This Bow?

    According to the producer(The South Athletics) of this bow, 30″Carbon and Aluminum arrow is a perfect combination with their product. You can check out our other article if you want to do some deep learning about types of arrows.


    You need to get some arrows because if you don’t choose the pro pack, it won’t come with arrows as well.

    Do I Need Anything Else If I Get This Bow as a Newbie?

    D-loops, arrow release, sight, arrow rest, stabilizer, and lots of arrows. 

    Can I Attach a Quiver on the Bow?

    Yes, you can. There are threaded inserts on the bow for upgrades.

    Pros and Cons


    • Great value for the money and affordable price
    • Well made and comes all aluminum
    • Super comfort grip
    • Lightweight
    • Can be customized
    • Easy to aim and draw
    • Material quality


    • Only right-handed option
    • Complaints about draw length screws falling out
    • The producer is not well-known
    • 270 FPS can be weak according to usage purpose
    • A lot heavier than most compound bows
    • Can be loud even after silencer upgrade
    • You may want to change the string yearly
    • It has a manual included. But does not provide a lot of support for setting up the bow


    In conclusion, SAS Rage Compound Bow offers you a great value for money. People who spent years in archery or newbies who expect a good experience in hunting or archery, shouldn’t hesitate to buy this bow.

    I enjoyed every single shot from the SAS Rage. It is a marvelous bow, especially for beginners for both target shooting and hunting purposes. It’s really hard to find a better compound bow in this price range that has the same high reliability and versatility features.


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